Re: monitor refresh rates & epilepsy

Subject: Re: monitor refresh rates & epilepsy
From: Richard Wentk (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2005 - 21:31:17 EST

At 23:14 17/01/2005, you wrote:

>its something that a friend of mine experienced as an IMAX projectionist.
>he has a rare form of epilepsy and is absolutely fine working as a
>projectionist, unusually - except for high speed, 64 frame/sec double
>projectors (3D)...

IMAX polarises the L&R images separately, which is very disorienting.

He'd probably find the LCD shutter systems even worse though.

>which is a somewhat similiar effect i would guess...
>60-70Hz is almost unbearable at the moment. i have had chronic seizures
>just while sitting at the computer (and yes, silly me can't draw myself
>away from it although i take regular screen breaks if i feel something
>coming on)...
>maybe i'm hypersensetive?

I don't think this is anything to do with epilepsy. I've always found
anything less than 85Hz on a CRT unbearable. 75Hz on a 15" is sort of OK,
but 60Hz on anything is intolerable, even for short periods.


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