announcement: eliot begins program

Subject: announcement: eliot begins program
From: Eliot Handelman (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2005 - 23:44:35 EST

May I kindly inform this group that at long last I've gotten going on
the composing program I've been thinking about for many years, which I
attempted to write at least five times, which led me to realize the
importance of tightening my theoretical foundationts, which led me to
research in German folksongs for 3 years, with a program that is
supposed to reason about them, a problem that is already tantamount to
composition, so I feel confiudent I can now smoothly transit back to
where I was. The program is not generating any music, as I'mn working
on synthesizing technical descriptions first. I really look forward to
the day when this thing actually makes noises! It's been my lidelong
to do this.

best wishes,

 -- eliot

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