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I haven't followed the posts about women & men but saw Muareen's and thought
 I'd comment as a busy composer and wife of 48 years....

My incomplete research about men choosing wives is as follows: My 63 year old
widowed father, a successful lawyer, remarried for sex and excitement for his
second marriage. This proved to be a poor marriage and he remarried a 3rd
time to an extremely intelligent woman who was able to manipulate his mind very

So, I vote for men choosing sex #1 for a choice in their woman partner.

As for intelligence, a truly intelligent woman knows how to use her

All the best for a happy new year,

In 2004, Vivian Adelberg Rudow received her 18th ASCAP award.

Her music Cuban Lawyer, Juan Blanco on CD "Electroacoustic Music Vol.
IX"/Electroshock" Russia, received the following reviews:

“Vivian Adelberg Rudow’s piece .... makes it a vivid and repeat-worthy
listening experience,” All-Music Guide, Canada, Francois Couture; “ this piece is
outstanding, marvelous!” “WMUA 91.1 FM” (USA), program “Martian Gardens,” DJ
Max Shea; “...Pretty wild stuff.” journalist Jerry Kranitz from "Aural
Innovations" (USA)

Adelberg Rudow has had 44 radio performances of her music in Australia,
Austria, Canada, Chile, Great Britain, Macedonia, Russia, Spain, The Netherlands,
and USA from January 7, 2004 to December 9, 2004.

Live performances in 2004 include Kaddish in memory of Isaac Hollins, for
solo bassoon, Karl Ventulett, bassoon, Dr. Hoch’s Conservatory Frankfurt,
Conference Center, Professor Anton Malikov, piano, and REBECCA’S SONG, Cindy
Heston-Miller, piano, Towson University.

Adelberg Rudow was guest lecturer at a Goucher College Dance Department
seminar, “Crossing Boundaries” Towson Maryland and an article about her work
appeared in the IAWM Journal, Volume 10. No. 2 . 2004, Grace Cavalieri article “The
Composer As A Muse, Writing Words For Music by Vivian Adelberg Rudow.”

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