Re: Numbers & Gender

Subject: Re: Numbers & Gender
Date: Thu Jan 13 2005 - 02:23:10 EST

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> > Are any of these numbers due to quotas? i.e. a certain quota for intake
> > of women vs. men ?....
> No -- and the ratio changes from year to year.
> Robert
The same answer applies to us at SFU - we don't use quotas, but we do try to
offer and open and welcoming environment to encourage women students to
continue in electroacoustics.

In a previous post, there was a question about gender bias is new music
technology, and I'd like to refer you to Georg Essl's thoughtful article on
this subject in the "gender"
 issue of Organised Sound, 8(1), which also contains various articles about
women in electroacoustic music. I also contributed an article to this issue
speculating on why gays and lesbians were under-represented in the field and
their point of view in the music itself. If you don't have access to the
journal, you can read this article on my website:


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