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K. Weston wrote:
"men and women should come together (to defeat the empires that control
all of our so called democracies)

Do you mean....?

Hehe, silly me :)


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so what red state do you live in?
come on Liz there are plenty of men under the thumb
especially the ones who think they are in control...
my girlfriend is a feminist and i like to spank her extra hard for
that... :-)
or should that be post-modern feminist ? (if such a thing exists)
feminism promotes separation of humans and there seems to be no male
apart from that which permeates society in general
but usually only by people who are thick as two short planks

feminism should be dropped and humanism should be taken up
why dont we try and be human rather than separate and point the finger
of blame?
in our culture of blame and lawsuits this is exactly the opposite of
what we need
and its sad when people like my girlfriend dont see it...
although im working on her....
(shes going to join the swedish feminist party)

the MUCH greater problem in this world is that of state capitalism..
without an end to that and its atrocities worldwide what is the point
of feminism ?
it is like standing by watching a massacre of 20,000 innocent people in
order for 2 to become wealthy
and then complaining afterwards about a dog that pissed on your lawn
whilst it was happening...

men and women should come together to defeat the empires that control
all of our so called democracies
then perhaps we can live a peaceful life in solidarity, but not while
daily atrocities continue...
it seems a little farcical...

im not saying female oppression doesn't happen or that its not bad
im saying there are much greater cases of oppression in this world
such as - the occupation of Palestine and the unending greed and
selfishness which dominates capitalism...

happy new year to all humans! and aliens!

hmm actually mebbe i got this wrong...
mebbe men aren't evolved enough to fight state capitalism
mebbe its up to the women to save us..
mebbe i need to become a feminist...

ahhhh well ... i'll figure it out soon...

oh by the way my girlfriend is bitter as hell about men
my mum is even worse....
i think its about 20 years or something since my dad and her split up
and she stills go on about how all men are crap etc.etc...
this is just as bad as chauvinism...



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On 11 Jan 2005, at 17:41, Elizabeth Hinkle wrote:

> women started off, as suffragettes, wanting equality... now they've
toppled the scales, and its an ugly sight... its a sad sight to see a
man subdued into a woman's slave...

Wow! Where has THAT happened? I must be living in an alternate
universe! (ok...I DO, sadly, live in a 'red state', so maybe
that is why I haven't seen this)


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On 12 Jan 2005, at 11:47, miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:

Robert Dow wrote:

>> You may be interested to know that for the first time in our
>> here at SFU, women students are in a slight majority in my
>> electroacoustic
>> music class. I don't know if our concert last fall that featured all
>> women
>> composers had an effect on that or not, but it will be interesting to

>> see
>> how the class develops.
> We have always had more women than men taking electroacoustic
> composition,
> and it is around 50:50 for Music Technology options (although the
> Technology -degree- attracts more men usually).
> Robert
Are any of these numbers due to quotas? i.e. a certain quota for intake
of women vs. men ?....


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