Hydra. The Sound*Space Experience

Subject: Hydra. The Sound*Space Experience
From: Hans Tutschku (listen@tutschku.com)
Date: Tue Jan 11 2005 - 03:58:50 EST

Hydra. The Sound*Space Experience

Friday, Jan. 14th, 8pm
& Saturday, Jan. 15th, 8pm
Paine Hall, Harvard Campus
(directions below or at

FREE Admission
& Reception

This weekend the Harvard Music Department unveils "Hydra"--it's new
24-speaker live electronic performance environment--in two concerts in
Paine Hall.

Friday's concert includes electronic pieces (performed with live
diffusion) by
Andrew Barr, Yan Xuan, David Mahfouda, Michael Hoffman, Julia
Ogrydziak, Michael Ramos, Corin Bernhard, Jordan Smith, Sunmin Whang,
Jim Fingal

Saturday's Program features pieces combining live performance and

Mario Davidovsky - Synchronisms No. 10
        for guitar and tape. Daniel Lippel, guitar.

Hans Tutschku - Rojo
        8-channel electroacoustic composition.

Tolga Yayalar - Péridrome 2
        for violin and live-electronics. Julia Ogrydziak, violin.

Dominique Schafer - Redshift
        4-channel electroacoustic composition.

Peter Gilbert - Ricochet
        for guitar and tape. Daniel Lippel, guitar.

Hans Tutschku - Das Bleierne Klavier
        for piano and live-electronics. Hans Tutschku, piano.

Hans Tutschku
Associate Professor of Music and
Director of the Harvard University
Studio for Electroacoustic Composition (HUSEAC)
Harvard University
Department of Music
Cambridge, MA 02138

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