RE: Numbers (was:Re: Osborne response - Cyberfeminism)

Subject: RE: Numbers (was:Re: Osborne response - Cyberfeminism)
From: Richard Nance (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2005 - 03:47:11 EST

Wondering about two possibilities:

One, that there IS a gender bias and the field might not be that interesting
to women in the same proportion as men. The women I know in the states that
do sonic art (leaving paper composition aside) are (for the most part)
painter,s sculptors and performance artists that treat sound as just another
logical avenue towards the same ends.

Two: Is there a bias in the way the software interfaces are written that
favors a more masculine mindset? Could the tools be gender biased?

The studies with children on programming styles in relation to gender
indicated very different approaches. ("Gender and Style Differences in a
Logo-based Environment" (Ph.D. diss., Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
January 1988)) Perhaps more women programmers would help. What are the
gender statistics like in software engineering?


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I'm interested to know, have you any ideas on why there was only one
female student in your class this year? I am continually glad that
there are a great many people like you out there, many of whom I've had
the privilege to teach or who have taught me by example. I'm just
trying to probe an issue which I think is wider....

all best


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