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Subject: Re: [WAVE_LIST@UNT.EDU] another stat for women artists
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2005 - 10:02:17 EST

I am sometimes baffled too.

Is this restricted to "music" as being european? Do you have the
figures for the percentages of gu-zheng players (not chin) who are

Numbers can be made to do many things. It is, in my view, about
'context', and to abstract one aspect is a disservice to the entire

The numbers ... "I wonder what percentage of the 100 most played
composers of the 20th century are women -- if any", as I see it, have
to placed in the broader context of:

In 1950, given 100,000 students at age 14, (grade 9), how many were
composing music / writing songs? What was the gender division?

In 1960, of these 24 year olds who are composing / writing songs, how
many are the same as those above, and what was the gender division?

If the proposition is that this is a (clearly?) systemic issue, at
what age does it begin?

Why do more males play bass guitar in grade 9 than females? (And this
is not to start the discussion of the (teen) fashion industry and
whether there are teenage peer pressures for females to conform to
certain profiles.)



At 07:49 -0500 2005/01/07, William Osborne wrote:
>Today I looked at a ranking of the 100 most exhibited visual artists
>of the 20th century.

I would propose that the context is an important factor here. I have
been to local and regional (visual) art shows where 70% (or more) of
the paintings have been done by women. These are not "internationally
recognized" artists, but do represent "art" as it is lived by
hundreds of thousands of people.

>Only 3 were women. Two additional women are listed who work together
>with their husbands. The list is interesting. See:
>I wonder what percentage of the 100 most played composers of the 20th
>century are women -- if any. Consider which women might even be in the
>running, just at a guess.
>William Osborne

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