Numbers (was:Re: Osborne response - Cyberfeminism)

Subject: Numbers (was:Re: Osborne response - Cyberfeminism)
From: Lisa Whistlecroft (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2005 - 19:36:59 EST

>Elizabeth Hinkle wrote:
>> In my review of the 2000 ICMC in Berlin, I included the stats for the
>> membership of women in the ICMA. It was only 8%.
>If I recall correctly when this stat came out--perhaps on a
>different list--it was also pointed out that the
>representation of female composers whose worked were played
>at the conference was something on the order of 20%. This is
>from memory, but it was certainly at least twice the
>percentage of the membership statistic.

I really don't want to dip my paws into that particular can of worms
again(!) but the finger-in-the-wind survey I did in 2000 on numbers
of women in ea in the UK (biased towards higher education), the
numbers came out at a very consistent 18%.

I guess (and it IS a guess) that figures for ICMA may be skewed by
the way that ICMC runs two, albeit strongly interrelated, strands -
the composing strand and the (for lack of a better term)
audio-engineering strand. Women are probably even less well
represented in that strand, and even less so at the conference, and
ICMA numbers are often heavily influenced by intended ICMC
attendance). This would mean that the 20% representation in the
concert programming might be more truly representative of levels on
the composing side.

Just a thought...


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