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Subject: Re: OT. Gear VERY OT
From: Louis Dufort (
Date: Sat Jan 01 2005 - 16:00:23 EST

You should bring that up in the Altiverb Forum. I now that some audioease
people are on it. Noramlly, software forum don't like people who rants but
your case is worth to tell!

From my own experienced I did have a second authorization without any
problem but that was 1 year ago. I remember that I did this directly on the

The bad part of this type of problem is that legit software becomes more and
more a pain to manage where "K" version are very tempting because they just
work without any fuss.

The worse are the Propellerheads software where they ask you randomly to
insert the key disk! Once it happen to me while in tour...

I must admit that I do pay for all my softwares (yes truly!) but I do have K
version in backup!

Good luck!


> I'd like to warn anyone using software from Audioease.
> I bought Barbabatch from them (their site) in august and replaced my
> computer with a G5 in december.
> This caused that hardware-activation-code copyprotected software to
> stop working, And despite 4 weeks of faxes, emails and entering
> information on the authorization webpage explaining the situation and
> requesting a new code they have not even bothered to answer any of
> them. Yet I enclosed all the original purchase information (copies of
> receipts etc.).
> While I considrered taking the next flight to Utrecht (not so far from
> stockholm) to go knock on their door I decided to just write off those
> USD400 as a loss and removed the software. Perhaps I should check that
> they did not leave any viruses or trojans behind ...
> In my opinion Audioease is a very shoddy operation. You have been
> warned!!!

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