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Subject: Re: OT. Gear
From: jan.larsson (
Date: Sat Jan 01 2005 - 15:34:19 EST

I'd like to warn anyone using software from Audioease.

I bought Barbabatch from them (their site) in august and replaced my
computer with a G5 in december.

This caused that hardware-activation-code copyprotected software to
stop working, And despite 4 weeks of faxes, emails and entering
information on the authorization webpage explaining the situation and
requesting a new code they have not even bothered to answer any of
them. Yet I enclosed all the original purchase information (copies of
receipts etc.).

While I considrered taking the next flight to Utrecht (not so far from
stockholm) to go knock on their door I decided to just write off those
USD400 as a loss and removed the software. Perhaps I should check that
they did not leave any viruses or trojans behind ...

In my opinion Audioease is a very shoddy operation. You have been

2005-01-01 kl. 20.21 skrev Louis Dufort:

> Just a quick one
> As a Altiverb fan check this new upcoming update (all in surround
> format).
> Just got to share it....
> Happy 2005!!
> Louis

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