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>Below is information about about a new book addressing feminist
>theory in the digital visual arts. To buy the book see:
>As usual, our colleagues in the visual arts seem a few steps ahead
>of us. We have a few books that explore the history of women in
>electronic and computer music, but little that explores or propounds
>feminist theory in these fields.
>In general, women seem much better represented in the digital visual
>arts than in computer music. What are some of the reasons? And
>what sort of topics might be addressed in feminist theories of
>digital music?
>William Osborne
>Next Protocols
>Author: Reiche, Claudia and Verena Kuni
>Contributors: (See list below.)
>342 pages
>Paper Perfectbound
>Publisher: Autonomedia
>ISBN: 1570271496
>In the beginning Cyberfeminism: Next Protocols was a call posted on
>mailing lists by the old boys network, the first international
>cyberfeminist alliance. Now Cyberfeminism: Next Protocols is a book
>that presents an introduction as well as an outlook for the large
>network of contemporary cyberfeminism. Protocols are both scientific
>records of observations and coded commands for digital and human
>procedures of communication. next protocols reaches boldly into the
>utopian gap between the now and its possible futures.
>If gender is not obsolete, there is a stake in reformulating it
>under conditions ruled by the dominance of the digital medium and
>test its capacities to subvert cultural practices. cyberfeminism
>carries the fem in its center – fem which hints politically at
>gender and the female sex, yet exceeds, enjoys, and remodels this
>relation. With approaches coming from art, theory and activism,
>cyberfeminism. next protocols invents and documents a cyberfeminism
>which is dedicated to the wilderness of precise critique and
>experimental thinking
>Claudia Reiche
>"Old Boys Network"
>Marie-Luise Angerer
>"Cyber@rexia. Anorexia and Cyberspace"
>Irina Aristarkhova
>"Femininity, Community, Hospitality: Towards a Cyberethics"
>Andrea Sick
>"Dream-Machine: Cyberfeminism"
>Helene von Oldenburg
>"IF [ x ] ... THEN [ y ] ... ELSE [ XXn ]"
>Ephemera / Discordia / Liquid_Nation / Plastique / Efemera_Clone_2
>"Thoughts on Submission: Glances from the Warriors of Perception"
>Yvonne Volkart
>"The Cyberfeminist Fantasy of the Pleasure of the Cyborg"
>Anne-Marie Schleiner
>"Female-Bobs Arrive at Dusk"
>Verena Kuni
>Shu Lea Cheang
>"I.K.U. Seven Pages"
>Claudia Reiche
>"On/Off-scenity: Medical and Erotic Couplings in the Context of the Visible
>Human Project"
>Julie Doyle -- Kate O'Riordan
>"Virtual Ideals: Art, Science and Gendered Cyberbodies"
>Prema Murthy
>"Ito Ay Panaginip Sa Ibang Pangungusap"
>Marina Grzinic
>"Monstrous Bodies and Subversive Errors"
>Ingeborg Reichle
>"Remaking Eden: On the reproducibility of images and the body in the age of
>virtual reality and genetic engineering
>Ulrike Bergermann
>"Analogue Trees, Genetics, and Digital Diving: Pictures of Human and Alien
>Christina Goestl
>"If Cyberfeminism is a Monster…then Clitoris Visibility = True"
>Elisabeth Strowick
>"Cyberfeminist Rhetoric, or Digital Act and Interfaced Bodies"
>Verena Kuni
>"[If, else, next.] "
>Notes on Contributors
>Our Price: $ 15.95
>In Stock

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