Kollectif 2004 at la Sala Rossa

Subject: Kollectif 2004 at la Sala Rossa
From: lezebre (lezebre@videotron.ca)
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 09:16:00 EST

Kollectif 2004 at la Sala Rossa

4848, blvd Saint-Laurent, Montréal
Wednesday, December 15 / 20h30
Admission: $5

The Kollectif 2004, and its founder Philippe Keyser, presents 38 young artists in a
interdisciplinary environment at la Sala Rossa.

Their pragmatic ensemble energy is based on an incarnated collective unconscious.

Their solidarity is grounded in knowledge through praxis, a wholly experiential

trajectory. An insatiable appetite for discovering new musical syntaxes, a sharing

of intuitions, an expression via the edification of new norms; this is the crux of their


Kollectif 2004 is the blossoming of a dream world, the eccentric imaginary!

Ensemble multidirectionnel CSL

Siham Naim (violin)
Ariane Gruet-Pelchat (violin)
Pascale Juteau (violin)
Caroline Cameron (violin)
Camille Crossman (alto/violin/tapes)
Julie Tremblay-Devirieux (cello)

Jean-Philippe Tremblay (trombone)
Jean-Simon Voghel (trombone)

Véronique Gagnon (alto/soprano saxophone)
Philippe Lysenko-Chicoine (alto saxophone)
Félician Tremblay (tenor saxophone)
Antonin Marineau (tenor saxophone)
Nicolas Paré (baritone saxophone)

Nicolas Ferron Geoffroy (electric guitar)
Eric Laflamme (electric guitar)

Maxime Alarie (electric bass)
Etienne Rocheleau (electric bass)

Manuel Le Gallo (drums)
Guillaume Sylvain (drums)

Chantal Bellavance (vocals)

Ensemble Crèchendo
Chloé Bennett (flute)
Mathieu Langlois (alto saxophone/guitar)
Philippe Poirier (tenor saxophone)
François Beauchamp (tenor saxophone)

Étienne Lebel (trombone)
Dominique Poirier (trombone)

Jean-François De Bellefeuille (synthesizers)
Xavier Jasmin (accordeon/melodica)

Marie-Anne Arsenault (electric bass)
Caroline Cameron (electric bass)

Frédéric Lapointe (drums)
Jean-Philippe Mailhot (drums)

Maxime Bock

Video Artist
Édith Brunette

Visual Artists
Barbara Hacio
Camille Serra

Joëlle Charest
Audré Juteau
Érika Morin



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