Subject: simultaneity
From: pmw music (
Date: Sat Dec 11 2004 - 08:39:55 EST

Simultaneity update

Dear all,

This is a general email update on the Simultaneity

There are now more than 40 people participating in 23
countries which are scattered all over the world and
the number continues to grow.

Just to confirm: we are set to make the first
world-wide simultaneous recording on December 16th
from 6.50 - 7.10 pm GMT.

I am asking everyone to try to record
clocks/bells/wristwatches etc striking the hour
wherever you are in the world. I know that for some of
you this is asking a lot as you are in remote areas or
it is not a convenient time of day - please do the
best you can, if itís not possible then an Ďambientí
recording of your location would still be valuable.

I am hoping, with your consent, to include the
recordings (or excerpts) on a web site and if you
would like to include a photo of yourself or where
youíve recorded, that would be very welcome.

As mentioned previously, recordings are welcome on CD,
MD, DAT, MP3 or even cassette.

Iíd be glad to hear back from you - if possible, could
you email me and let me know roughly what you intend
to record? (incidentally I will be recording
St.Martin-in-the-fields London, while someone
simultaneously records the identical bells of
St.Martin-in-the-fields, Perth, Australia).

If you have other questions or suggestions regarding
the project, please donít hesitate to email me.

Kind regards

Pete M Wyer

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