Subject: CHARMED SOUNDS - YLE Radio 1
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Date: Tue Dec 07 2004 - 06:56:56 EST

CHARMED SOUNDS [Lumottuja ääniä]
Editor: Petri Kuljuntausta

Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE Radio 1 channel
Tuesday, December 7, 2004, 22:05 -

Themes: Origin of Art & Music ::: "Convertion Music" ::: about the
similarities of the electronic sounds and nature sounds


Patrick Kosk
        Plastique sans titre
        CD: 'V/A: Opus 30 Vol.2, 1984-1999',
        Chrysopee Electronique - Bourges, 2003 France
        or 'V/A: Other Reflections', JaseCD-0022, 1994 Finland

Charlotte Hug & Chantale Laplante
        Aujourd'hui, j'ai admire le paysage
        Musicians: C. Hug: viola & electronics - C. Laplante: laptop
        CD: 'C. Hug & C. Laplante: Brilliant Days'
        For4Ears records 1446, 2003 Switzerland
Walter Tilgner
        Sylvan Afternoon
        Sound source: Forest soundscapes in Germany
        CD: 'V/A: The Dreams of Gaia'
        Earth Ear ee9012, 1999 USA

Pekka Tiilikainen
        City Lights ['Kaupungin valot']
        Sound source: Helsinki soundscapes, recorded: Jan. 2, 1939
        Unpublished archive tape

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
        Detritus of mating
        CD: 'D. Bathory-Kitsz: Detritus of mating'
        Sistrum Records / Maltedmedia malt-9703-2, 1997 USA

[music and sounds converted from various sources, four tracks:]

Lauri Gröhn
        Where's my boat
        Sound source: music converted from digital images (since late-1980's)
        CD: 'L. Gröhn: Synestesia Music. Soundscapes 1988-2004'

Pekka Tolonen
        DNA code [1987]
        Sound source: music derived from the first 2696 base pairs of the HI virus
        CD: 'V/A: Heureka Foundation Stone Record 1987'
        Heureka (Science Centre) Heurecd-1, 1987 Finland

Erkki Kurenniemi
        Deal [1972]
        Sound source: music generated live from video images
        CD: 'V/A: Avantometric Attachments 2002'
        Mediataideyhdistys Avanto, AAAAA-2002, 2002 Finland

Quasar OH 471
        Radio signal
        Sound source: radio radiation signal from a very remote quasar,
        at a distance of 13.7 billion light years.
        Captured by Radio Research Station in Finland.
        (The total age of the Universe is about 13.7 billion years.)
        CD: 'V/A: Heureka Foundation Stone Record 1987'
        Heureka (Science Centre) Heurecd-1, 1987 Finland

Arno Peeters
        Three of a Kind, part 2: Rhythm
        CD: 'A. Peeters: Works 1992-2001'
        Unpublished CD Compilation

Yves Beaupre
        Humeur de facteur, part 4: La Pelots Point
        CD: 'Y. Beaupre: Humeur de facteur' [The Maker's Humour]
        empreintes digitales, IMED-0160, 2001 Canada

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