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Subject: Re: video conversion
From: sean (
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 10:10:12 EST

That's very helpful. I had completely overlooked the consideration for NTSC
or PAL. This piece is written with a European performance in mind.

To Clarify:

When you say "save the file uncompressed at the working audio rate", what
type of file should I choose? MPEG2?

With regards to the audio resolution, I am using multiple sound
sources..some of which are at 44.1k but I always export at 48. Usually to a
wav file. Is there a better option? there are many file types to choose
from. i.e. mpeg 1 and 2. Is it not a good thing to work at one audio rate
and eport at a higher one?

Then I have been importing the audio portion into the video software. At
this point, the audio and video are combined and rendered to a file format
that can hopefully be burned as DVD video. I will render it uncompressed
(mpeg2?)as you suggested then try authoring with DVD architect.

Is this the best MO?

CAUTION: Learning curves ahead!

Thanks for your help and suggestions.


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Subject: Re: video conversion

| At 09:49 06/12/2004 -0400, sean wrote:
| >Perhaps the problem is with the authoring software then? I already have
| >MPEG file but the software I am using (Nero)won't let me create a video
| >using that file type.
| Best thing to do is:
| Save the original file uncompressed, with audio at your working rate. This
| will create a HUGE video file, but the quality will be perfect with no
| artefacts.
| Download the 30 day trial of Sonic Foundry's, now Sony's, DVD Architect 2.
| Load the file into that, set whatever options you want, and hit burn.
| DVD creation is a bit of a black art. In theory the video format is MPEG2,
| in practice for a DVD to work it usually needs to be transcoded with the
| correct bit rate settings within an authoring package like DVD Architect.
| The toy packages, like Nero and CD/DVD Creator, are a bit hit and miss
| about what they will and won't accept and what does and doesn't work.
| The other thing is that any project intended for DVD distribution should
| always used NTSC or PAL project settings right from the start. That means
| 720 x 576 25fps in the UK/Europe, 720 x 480 30fps in the US. 640 x 480 is
| for online distribution.
| Audio is usually transcoded before the final burn, but if you work at 48k
| and specify uncompressed stereo throughout minimal damage is done.
| Richard

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