Re: video conversion

Subject: Re: video conversion
From: Richard Wentk (
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 09:16:47 EST

At 09:49 06/12/2004 -0400, sean wrote:
>Perhaps the problem is with the authoring software then? I already have an
>MPEG file but the software I am using (Nero)won't let me create a video DVD
>using that file type.

Best thing to do is:

Save the original file uncompressed, with audio at your working rate. This
will create a HUGE video file, but the quality will be perfect with no

Download the 30 day trial of Sonic Foundry's, now Sony's, DVD Architect 2.
Load the file into that, set whatever options you want, and hit burn.

DVD creation is a bit of a black art. In theory the video format is MPEG2,
in practice for a DVD to work it usually needs to be transcoded with the
correct bit rate settings within an authoring package like DVD Architect.
The toy packages, like Nero and CD/DVD Creator, are a bit hit and miss
about what they will and won't accept and what does and doesn't work.

The other thing is that any project intended for DVD distribution should
always used NTSC or PAL project settings right from the start. That means
720 x 576 25fps in the UK/Europe, 720 x 480 30fps in the US. 640 x 480 is
for online distribution.

Audio is usually transcoded before the final burn, but if you work at 48k
and specify uncompressed stereo throughout minimal damage is done.


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