Open Fader Call for Works - Sonorities 2005

Subject: Open Fader Call for Works - Sonorities 2005
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Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 09:43:06 EST

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OPEN FADER @ Sonorities 2005
Call for Works

The Sonorities Festival in Belfast invites composers and artists
working with sound to submit works to be presented during Sonorities
2005. This year’s festival is dedicated to artistic practice that
challenges traditional definitions of art, music and technology. We
encourage two types of submission:

1. Live Performances involving technology
This includes laptop improv, VJ, audio-visual, live-electronics, sound
poetry, hacktivism. Please submit the work in a documentary format that
reflects the nature of the performance (e.g. video on DVD, audio on CD,
software for Mac/PC, photographs).

2. Electroacoustic Music (Stereo or Multi-channel)
This includes Stereo works for diffusion, multi-channel works and works
with video. All submissions must be on DAT, CD or DA88. Works with
video must be on DVD.

Selected works will be featured in four special concerts during the
Festival. These events will take place in the Sonic Arts Research
Centre Sonic Lab performance space. This unique environment for the
performance of electroacoustic music includes facilities for sound
projection in a full 3D environment through loudspeakers located above
and below the audience area. The experimental nature of the space makes
it essential that selected composers attend the Festival to perform
their pieces.

Please include a title and program notes as well as a short biography
with the submission. Contact information should include a phone number,
address, and an email address. A stamped, self-addressed envelope is
required for the return of all materials. Materials that are not
required to be returned will become part of SARC’s media library and
may be considered for future events.

Post to works to
Sonorities 2005
Sonic Arts Research Centre
Queen’s University Belfast
Belfast BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland

Important Dates
Deadline for Submissions: 17th December 2004
Festival Dates: 26 April – 3rd May 2005

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