acousmatic with image?

Subject: acousmatic with image?
From: Helder Gonçalve (
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 09:39:23 EST

Hi! My name is Helder, and I'm starting a research on the
"esthetics"/"semiotics" (maybe without the comas...) of the combination
sound and image (the first being more important). Then I will try to do some
work with (studied) logic (not "just" espontaneous cooperation between
electro. and image)

Could you advise some works (dvds?) combining both (maybe some program
electroacoustic music with image will be my goal...) and/or writings about
it ?

Thank you very much


P.s. Is there any site with max/msp/jitter tutorials where I can go
?(besides cycling74') Sorry for my bad (untrained) english

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