Simultaneity Project Update

Subject: Simultaneity Project Update
From: pmw music (
Date: Thu Dec 02 2004 - 12:24:26 EST

Simultaneity update

Dear all,

just want to say thanks to so many of you for agreeing
to help make the first world-wide simultaneous

I have sofar had volunteers from London, Birmingham,
Belfast, Montreal, Paris, Vancouver, Nepal,
Afghanistan, New York, Seattle, Wellington, Duneadon,
Stockholm, Mumbai and am currently awaiting results of
an initiative assisted by the British Council which
has offices in some of the more difficult-to-reach
areas of the world.

I would still very much like to find more countries to
participate - and would welcome suggestions from
anyone who has them.

We are making 3 recordings - I realise that not
everyone will be likely to be able to participate in
each recording, but hopefully it will increase the
chances of getting good and diverse sounds.

My suggested time for a first recording is 18.50pm -
19.10pm GMT on December 16th.
I realise that there is no good time for everybody
involved - we cover almost the entire spectrum of time
zones between us - for some of you this is very early,
for others itís late - Apologies to those of you in
New Zealand who get the shorter end of the stick with
recording times I will try to make the following 2
recordings at different times.

Time zones: 19.00pm GMT is;
19.00pm in the UK and Ireland
20.00pm in Paris and Stockholm
23.30pm in Mumbai
08.00am in New Zealand
14.00pm in New York
11.00am in Seattle and Vancouver

The first recording will involve clocks/bells etc
striking the hour.

If you haven't contacted me and would like to
participate, then I'd love to hear from you

kind regards

Pete M Wyer

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