Fwd: Re: Portable Recorders (from SAN)

Subject: Fwd: Re: Portable Recorders (from SAN)
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 22:49:39 EST

>Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 17:31:38 +0000 (GMT)
>From: Becca Laurence <becca@sonicpostcards.org>
>Subject: Re: Portable Recorders
>Hello David,
>For the Sonic Postcards education project we use hard disk machines
>made by iRiver to collect our field recordings. The iHP120 - 20 GB
>which records in non compressed form. No moving parts. No tape to
>get mangled. They are excellent. Here is a website with more
>details about them:
>Our website contains information about other equipment we use to
>collect field recordings.
>Hope that is useful to you.
>Many thanks,
>Becca Laurence
>Project Manager Sonic Postcards
>Sonic Arts Network
>The Jerwood Space
>171 Union Street
>London SE1 0LN
>T: 020 7928 7337 F: 020 7928 7338
>W: www.sonicpostcards.org
>From: "David Watt" <d.watt@lang.keele.ac.uk>
>Reply-To: d.watt@lang.keele.ac.uk
>Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 19:11:59 GMT
>To: Multiple recipients of list SONICARTSNET <sonicartsnet@sheffield.ac.uk>
>Subject: Portable Recorders
>Dear SAN,
>I hope you might be able to help. During field recording, my
>portable DAT machine (Sony TCD-D8) slowly broke down, destroying a
>week's worth of material. The record head is damaged and the quote
>for repair would probably not justify reconditioning it, given that
>it is already fairly fragile.
>I subsequently on the hunt for a new machine, but am unsure what is
>available. I'm aware of the Tascam portaDAT, Fostex and Nagra solid
>state recorders but don't know if there is anything else around. I
>would be grateful if people could comment on their experiences with
>portable recorders especially with reference to their ease of use
>and quality. There is also the possibility of MD, but I am not
>completely happy with the compression.
>Many thanks in anticipation,
>David Watt

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