Fwd: meme@brown announces new Ph.D. program

Subject: Fwd: meme@brown announces new Ph.D. program
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 10:28:53 EST

>Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 15:41:52 -0500
>From: Joseph Butch Rovan <Joseph_Rovan@BROWN.EDU>
>Subject: meme@brown announces new Ph.D. program
>meme@brown (Multimedia & Electronic Music Experiments @ Brown) and
>the Brown Department of Music are pleased to announce a new Ph.D.
>program in Electronic Music and Multimedia. Applications are now
>being accepted for the 2005-2006 academic year. The deadline for
>applications is January 1, 2005.
>Candidates in the Ph.D. program will focus on the creative use of
>technology in order to:
> - conduct original technical research
> - create multidisciplinary works of art
> - gain expertise in sound, space & image
> - develop new modes of performance and interaction
> through composition, programming and engineering
>Fellowships and Teaching Assistanceships are available to qualified
>meme@brown is an interdisciplinary center for real-time interactive
>installation and musical performance. Located in the Steinert
>Building on the Brown University campus, meme@brown is known for art
>and research that traverse the boundaries between computer music,
>installation, video, theater and dance.
>As part of the larger Brown and RISD (Rhode Island School of Design)
>digital media community, meme@brown provides expertise in real-time
>computer music and interactive video and tracking, as well as
>specializations in interface design and gestural controller
>Todd Winkler, Associate Professor, Co-Director
>Butch Rovan, Associate Professor, Co-Director
>Thomas Ciufo, Technical Manager
>Affiliated Brown Departments:
>Visual Arts, Computer Science, Modern Culture and Media,
>Theatre, Speech and Dance, and Creative Writing.
>For more information, please contact Butch Rovan (Butch_Rovan@brown.edu).
>Also, for program and application information please see:
> http://www.brown.edu/Departments/Music/meme
>Department of Music
>1 Young Orchard Avenue
>Box 1924
>Brown University
>Providence, RI 02912

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