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Subject: Fwd: Call For Submissions: Disquiet
From: Matt Rogalsky (mrogalsky@wesleyan.edu)
Date: Sat Nov 27 2004 - 19:37:01 EST

Call For Submissions: Disquiet
Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, Kingston Ontario Canada
Guest curator: Christof Migone
Submission Deadline: February 1st, 2005

Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre is seeking works investigating the notion
of silence as a disturbance.

Silence, as charged rather than neutral. Silence in the context of
peril, conflict, disquietude. The relationship between the silencer and
the silenced‹to shut, to mute, to muzzle, to censor. Silence is both a
break, a caesura, and a constant, a continuity. Its volume can be
louder than words, its infinitude can be both repressive and
liberatory. It can be either a product of enforcement or a tactic of
resistance. I would prefer not to. It can also be that momentary lull
before an outbreak of laughter; the portentous seriousness of silence
can be shifted to aspects of play. A quiet state can be both prelude
and postscript to a panoply of events: farcical, absurd, traumatic,
quotidian, mediatized, global, intimate, sensorial, political, etc.
Disquiet is disturbed silence. Silence under tension. Disquiet marks
silence as a palpable presence.

Disquiet is initiated by Modern Fuel as part of an entire programming
season dedicated to the theme of Silence. This theme enfolds multiple
political subtexts-silence as systemic racism, unspoken power over
another; conversely, silence conjures up more explicit interpretations
such as one-minute-of-silence as remembrance or as speechlessness.
Equally, silence speaks to, and of, its antithesis: voice, protest,
resistance, song. Silence and speech cannot be catagorized as simply
bad and good, respectively or vice-versa, but are located on a
dimentional continuum where various degrees of communication are
possible. Disquiet fits into and interacts with this contiuum.

Disquiet is open to all disciplines.

Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre facilitates the presentation and
interpretation of visual and time-based arts that explore wide-ranging
aesthetics and a broad scope of formal and socio-cultural questions. We
encourage submissions both from artists residing within the region and
outside these boundaries, and program Modern Fuel Gallery according to
a 50/50 split. (Our region spans an approximate radius of 100 km around

Submissions must include the following:
  1. A cover letter introducing your proposal
  2. 10 numbered slides of related work with a slide list OR a
5-min.video in
  VHS/DVD format OR a CD-ROM
  3. An artist C.V.
  4. A brief statement about your proposal and its relevance to the theme
  5. A self-addressed, stamped envelope

For additional information please contact
  Gjennifer Snider, Program Director at (613)548-4883 or


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