Lab Management

Subject: Lab Management
From: Andrew Nicols (
Date: Thu Nov 25 2004 - 10:35:26 EST

I'm a 2nd year student studying at Lancaster University reading Music
As part of my course this year, I'm taking an Enterprise Module. As part
of it, I took part in a Music Technology Summer School here in
Now it's time to write up my efforts. I basically ran and set up the
computers and equipment for the 2 weeks, and so I've elected to write it
on that experience - Lab Administration and Management in an Intensive
Educational Environment.
I'm having a little difficulty in finding any resources - be it books,
websites, journals, etc. I've found a few, but I was wondering whether
anyone on here knows of any resources I can refer to.
The computers we had available were:
8 Apple Mac G5s
1GB Memory
1.8 GHz processors
2 x 80Gb HDD
We mainly used Logic Platinum 6.3 as sequencing software
Many thanks in advance,
Andrew Nicols

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