installation in aberdeen this week

Subject: installation in aberdeen this week
From: bill thompson (
Date: Tue Nov 23 2004 - 09:14:35 EST

hi everyone,

i'm participating with two artist groups in aberdeen,
urbannovember and limousine bull, in a week-long
collaborative installation commencing this evening
(tuesday 23rd) at 36-48 Langstane Place, Aberdeen
AB11 6EN. the gallery is open from 5 to 9 tonight and
9 to 7pm for the rest of the week. the installation
runs from the 23rd until the 29th. (since each artist
adds their portion on each consecutive day, the
installation grows and finally is 'finished' on the
final the 29th will be an opening of sorts as

my portion involves a multiple speaker (sonic)
installation and goes up on the 25th. if you're in or
around aberdeen, please come by.

here's the description from urban november's site:

The idea of Aberdeen Urban Atlas is to build, over the
course of a week, an Atlas of Urban Aberdeen, as a
(temporary) physical installation at Limousine Bull
and an ongoing virtual presence on the Internet.

__Physical installation__

The physical installation evolves around a map of
Aberdeen, painted on the wall (floor?) of Limousine
Bull. Over the week, artists, arts & events
organisers, researchers and members of the public are
invited to contribute their views of urban Aberdeen as
‘layers’ to the map. Some ideas what these layers
could be:

-- Objects representing urban Aberdeen found on the
way to Limousine Bull and duly placed on the map
-- Stories about urban Aberdeen that could be told and
recorded at Limousine Bull and located on the map
-- Pictures of urban Aberdeen throughout the centuries
-- Projections of (‘real’) urban areas (e.g. New York)
onto the map of Aberdeen and interpretations of
Aberdeen in the light of these examples
-- Pointers to and records of ‘urban events’ that take
place during the week
-- etc.

The evolution of the physical installation will be
documented and digitized on photo/audio/video.

__Virtual presence__

In parallel to the physical installation, the virtual
presence of the Aberdeen Urban Atlas will be
developed. Technically speaking this will build on a
multimedia database that links digital media
(including weblinks) to locations in Aberdeen and to a
timeline of (a) the event, and (b) the history of
Aberdeen. As such it serves as an archive and
documentation of the evolution physical installation
and as an online resource – the Aberdeen Urban Atlas –
that can grow with the future activities of

The evolution of the physical installation will also
be broadcast on the web (streaming audio, webcam).

for more information please check these sites:




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