Hide Wind by Jululu

Subject: Hide Wind by Jululu
From: James Phelps (jimphelps_niucms@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Nov 21 2004 - 16:22:46 EST

Submitted with the usual apologies for possible cross-list postings.
THIRTEENTH Records (Jim Phelps) announces the release of a new CD,
Hide Wind, by Jululu. Jululu is an amalgam of disciplines,
styles and cultures and is represented by Phelps (guitarist/composer - Chicago),
Ms. Luo Ting-yi (pop singer/producer - Shanghai), Bart Woodstrup
(visual artist/composer/VJ - Chicago) and Mike Taylor (bassist/composer/electronic-music performer - Chicago). Formed by Phelps, Jululu is a "virtual band", of sorts,
collaborating in different combinations of personnel, often remotely.
Phelps and Luo are planning performances in Shanghai this winter while other
combinations of members are "workin' the states." While in Shanghai,
Phelps and Luo will continue work on Jululu's 2nd CD, Soup On Fire.
A DVD version of "RickLicks", from Hide Wind, has recently been featured
at a Chicago art gallery. Bart Woodstrup created the digital video
component while Phelps provided computer music and guitar. Phelps also
featured the piece earlier in 2004 on a "mini-tour" of Texas. Two pieces
from the new CD were presented in March of this year in Havana, Cuba during
the Spring in Havana festival. The CD also presents the first Phelps/Taylor
composition, "Diamond Star", for electric guitar and electronics.

All are invited to visit http://www.annexgroup.org/HideWind.html.
-Jim Phelps


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