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>Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 10:53:03 -0500
>From: Brett Terry <bterry@burnettgroup.com>
>Computer Music Journal - Call for music-video works and papers
>[ with apologies for any cross-postings ]
>Computer Music Journal
>Call for Papers
>Call for Computer Music-Video Works [CMJ Annual DVD]
>Issue Coordinators: Brett Terry, George Tzanetakis
>A Special Issue on Computer Music-Video
>In the last few years, the speed and storage of personal computers
>have made possible a wide range of integrated computer-based music
>and video. Composers are working with a variety of approaches to
>video and sound composition and processing. In so doing, many
>composers are faced with technical and compositional challenges
>germane to time-based visual form. These include issues such as the
>formal and syntactic coherence of transformations, abstract
>animations, thresholds of recognizability, and implicit narrative
>inferences. Additionally, composing in a dual-media context begets
>additional insight and analysis into core principles of time-based
>art (theme, gesture, motive, repetition, development, variation,
>contrast, anticipation). Few connections have yet been drawn between
>the challenges faced by video and experimental film artists and
>those faced by electro-acoustic video composers and their
>Prospective authors may submit an article for the issue, a computer
>music-video work for the accompanying DVD, or both. Audiovisual
>examples to supplement an article are encouraged. Composers and
>artists will retain the copyright to their works.
>Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
>€ Music-visual mapping strategies
>€ Structuring processes of musical-visual form
>€ History of computer music-video
>€ Aesthetic and creative applications for visualization or sonification
>€ Technique master class (e.g., Jitter)
>€ Analysis of one of more computer music-video works
>€ Audiovisual haptic interfaces
>€ Multimedia information retrieval
>€ Neuropsychology of audiovisual form
>€ Cinematography in an integrated musical-video context
>€ Approaches or optimizations for music-video processing
>Submission Deadline for articles is Jan 31, 2005.
>Submission Deadline for DVD works is Mar 31, 2005.
>For DVD works, please provide:
>€ two (2) video DVD-R copies (for review)
>€ one (1) CD or data DVD-R with:
>- uncompressed QuickTime, DV stream or MPEG-2 720x480
>- 2-channel 48k AIFF or WAV or AC3 file, and/or
>- 5.1 48k AC3 file (if multichannel)
>Videos should include titles and credits. Composers of selected
>works will need to provide program notes, biography and photo (if
>desired). Send video materials to:
>Brett Terry, Assistant Editor, Computer Music Journal, 14-1 MasonΉs
>Island Rd., Mystic, CT 06355, USA.
>For articles, manuscripts should follow current CMJ guidelines. Hard
>copies should be sent to George and Brett. Articles should also sent
>electronically as PDF file with the subject line [CMJ MS VIDEO] to

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