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Subject: Re: extended vocal tech...
From: Aki Pasoulas (
Date: Thu Nov 18 2004 - 06:06:25 EST

 --- "paul v." <> wrote: there a documented source of extended vocal techniques,
how to physically execute them and score them? ...otherwise, i
have some writing to do...-p

There is a whole chapter in Trevor Wishart's 'On Sonic Art'
dedicated to utterance.

You may also like to see Jean-Paul Curtay's notation system.
There was a cassette published and distributed by Audio Arts
(London) in 1981. Inside there is an explanation of Curtay's
iconic notation system and the score for one of his vocal
pieces, called 'Teasing Release'.

You can also look at the way lettrists notated their oral
poetry. See Isidore Isou and his 'sonic alphabet', which
comprised c.130 sounds (in the mid 1940s).

There were (and are) many people working with sound poetry and
developing notaton systems. See Henri Chopin (recently performed
in London), Bob Cobbing, the Fylkingen society in Sweden. You
can even go beyond that and look at dadaists and futurists.

A wealth of information regarding 'extended' (for the western
ear) vocal techniques can also be found if you search in
non-western cultures.





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