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Subject: extended vocal tech...
From: paul v. (faithfulgoat@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Nov 17 2004 - 21:28:57 EST

...is there a documented source of extended vocal techniques, how to physically execute them and score them? ...otherwise, i have some writing to do...-p

>From: Phil Thomson <philthom@freeshell.org>
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>Subject: Re: Frequency analysis
>Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 20:44:15 +0000 (UTC)
>Audacity exports a text file containing a list of frequencies and
>their magnitudes in a sample which is up to 23.8 seconds in length.
>It may be less visual than other means, but it is also somewhat more
>precise (even if pseudoprecise). Go to View > Plot spectrum and then
>>I was wondering if anyone could tell me the name of a free software
>>for MacOSX that could record a sound and then give a spectrum
>>reading of it.  I am tuning metal xylophone bars and need to know
>>what frequencies are present in the bars sound.
>>I tried sound Hack but I don't know the software to well.  If
>>anyone knows how to use it for this purpose, please enlighten me.
>>Thanks as always
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