Re: multi-channel list/problems

Subject: Re: multi-channel list/problems
From: Philippe-Aubert Gauthier (
Date: Wed Nov 17 2004 - 07:46:07 EST

Even if "Wave Field Synthesis" is a general term, we must be more than careful
because this precise expression (behind its general sounding) have been chosen
by researchers in the 80s to specifically design an application.

I usually try to use "sound field reproduction" (seems absurd, but its not my
fault! WFS is locaked with a given way to think). Now you can say that "WFS" is
"sound field reproduction" and Ambisonics is "sound field reproduction".

You can run Ambisonic by yourself with Pure-Data (there is some fresh object ...
like "ambipan"?). My personnal ambisonic patch have been developped using the
mtx (matrices) object in Pure-Data. Those objects have been developped by IEM
for ambisonic.



> I take it "Wave Field Synthesis" is a general enough term to encompass
> systems like ambisonics and vbap. I've just begun experimenting with the
> former through use of various VST plugins readily available on the web
> (York/Malham, Gerzonic, et al) and I'm somewhat encouraged so far (my present
> interest is in the generative synthesis of sounds in a 2D/3D field rather
> than recording/reproduction per se, but I think I'm still too uninformed to
> even know whether that's a useful distinction! :)
> Any thoughts about ambisonics?
> -- Bob Falesch

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