Re: Frequency analysis

Subject: Re: Frequency analysis
From: Jason Dixon (
Date: Tue Nov 16 2004 - 16:51:55 EST

Ceres3 has been ported to OSX (running under X11) - it displays an analysis
of a file and you can export the analysis data in a huge range of formats,
including csound scores! There are all kinds of cool tranform functions as
well. More info at

Best wishes,

On Nov 16 2004, J. Simon van der Walt wrote:

> > From: Phil Thomson <>
> >
> > Audacity exports a text file containing a list of frequencies and their
> > magnitudes in a sample which is up to 23.8 seconds in length. It may be
> > less visual than other means, but it is also somewhat more precise (even
> > if pseudoprecise). Go to View > Plot spectrum and then export.
> Cool! I never knew it could do that, thought it was just the graphical
> display...

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