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Subject: Re: multi-channel list/problems
From: Steven Naylor (
Date: Tue Nov 16 2004 - 08:58:01 EST

> --- Greg Eustace <> wrote:
>> I also have a question. In multi-channel situations, there is
>> the problem of the sweet spot being smaller than the seating
>>area. Can anyone point me to any previous research that is
>aimed >at widening/optimizing the size of the sweet-spot?
>You may want to look at Wave Field Synthesis. It claims to
>eliminate the problem of the sweet spot, although I have never
>had the chance to experience it myself. Have a look:

I recently listened to a lengthy demo of a Wave Field Synthesis
system installed at Ircam, and it was amazing. I don't pretend to
understand what's going on (yet...!) but the imaging is superb and
stable from just about anywhere in the room. Their installation used
a series of flat-panel multispeaker units mounted at ear level, so
there were limits to the vertical range - but I'm sure that's
simply a limitation of this installation.

There's a (small) image of it here (be sure to copy the entire URL if
it line-breaks):[showUid]=2&ext=4

The processing power it requires does seem substantial, and those
flat-panel arrays are not cheap....... but the potential for both
listening rooms and concert spatialisation is very exciting.



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