"Interesting Results"

Subject: "Interesting Results"
From: Richard Whitelaw (richard@sonicartsnetwork.org)
Date: Tue Nov 16 2004 - 07:55:51 EST

"Interesting Results" ­ Music By A Committee Of One, or, ³I Feel Like I¹m
A-Fixin¹ To DIY²

Sonic Arts Network is pleased to announce the release of the latest in its
acclaimed series of individually curated CD-publications. ³Interesting
Results² was compiled and annotated by Irwin Chusid, a self-described
"landmark preservationist," who finds things on the scrap-heap of musical
history that he knows don't belong there, and salvages them. He launched the
Raymond Scott and Esquivel revivals by producing CD reissues of those
maestros, and has long managed the business affairs of both composers (now
deceased). He codified a new musical genre with his first book, Songs in the
Key of Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music (2000, Cherry Red Books),
and produced two companion CDs of the same title (also Cherry Red). In 2001,
Chusid produced The Langley Schools Music Project, which became an
unexpected sensation - it reached #1 on Amazon.com and was the subject of a
VH-1 documentary. His new book is The Mischievous Art of Jim Flora
(Fantagraphics). Since 1975, Chusid has hosted a weekly free-form radio
program on WFMU (wfmu.org).
³Interesting Results² celebrates the individual. Do-It-Yourself has always
been with us. Before assembly lines, clocks and shoes were made by artisans,
one at a time. Ambitious amateur musicians have made and released records
independently since the advent of 78 rpm discs. However, in the 1970s, with
the emergence of the consumer cassette revolution, DIY became a
philosophical phenomenon. Since that decade, as technology developed and the
cost of studio gear plummeted, the playing field for recording artists has
levelled. What once entailed a lengthy, complex and expensive process can
now be done on the quick and cheap, and, often, in solitude. This doesn't
mean all bedsitter recordings will get heard - but they exist. We just have
to find them - and find time to listen.
The CD-publication features exclusive tracks from Peter Grudzien, ³Shooby²
Taylor ŒThe Human Horn¹, Lucia Pamela, B.J. Snowden, R. Stevie Moore, Ariel
Pink, Harry Merry and other extraordinary artists. In keeping with the DIY
aesthetic of the publication the booklet includes special Œcut out and
assemble¹ figures of the artists as well as detailed track notes by the
³Interesting Results² is available now from Sonic Arts Network for £15 or,
for greater value, we recommend becoming a member of Sonic Arts Network and
receiving this publication and the next two in the series over the next 12

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