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Date: Tue Nov 16 2004 - 07:35:05 EST

On Nov 16, 2004, at 6:43, erdem helvacioglu wrote:

> how do you deal with the money issue?

At first, you deal with it yourself. If you're comfortable with that,
you might be the negotiator for the rest of your career. OTOH, if
you're not comfortable with dealing, you get an agent. They might
charge you 10-15% commission.

> do you get money for the hours you work?

Yes, but it's not like working in a factory or in a taxi. You must
calculate in your mind ahead of time how long it might take you to do
the job, then figure out how hard it's going to be. You can then come
up with a per hour or per day figure, say 5 days at 250 a day.

> do you get paid by how many seconds your sound design was used in the
> movie?etc...

Not really, but any royalties you get will be based on how many seconds
of your sounds/music are used.

> i created a very specific sound for a commercial horror movie. the
> sound is 5 seconds long and it will be used 6 times in the whole
> movie. how much generally would you charge for a work like this?

There is no 'generally'. It depends on how big the budget is for the
film and where it's going to play. You might get very little or nothing
up front, but then get some good royalties because the film plays on
television all over the world. Then again, 5 seconds... ;-)

> where can i get more information about these issues?

You can visit some composers' forums, like

I also have an FAQ on my website:


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