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>"Interesting Results" =AD Music By A Committee Of One, or, =B3I Feel
>Like I=B9m
>A-Fixin=B9 To DIY=B2
>Sonic Arts Network is pleased to announce the release of the latest in its
>acclaimed series of individually curated CD-publications. =B3Interesting
>Results=B2 was compiled and annotated by Irwin Chusid, a self-described
>"landmark preservationist," who finds things on the scrap-heap of musical
>history that he knows don't belong there, and salvages them. He launched th=
>Raymond Scott and Esquivel revivals by producing CD reissues of those
>maestros, and has long managed the business affairs of both composers (now
>deceased). He codified a new musical genre with his first book, Songs in th=
>Key of Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music (2000, Cherry Red Books),
>and produced two companion CDs of the same title (also Cherry Red). In 2001=
>Chusid produced The Langley Schools Music Project, which became an
>unexpected sensation - it reached #1 on Amazon.com and was the subject of a
>VH-1 documentary. His new book is The Mischievous Art of Jim Flora
>(Fantagraphics). Since 1975, Chusid has hosted a weekly free-form radio
>program on WFMU (wfmu.org).
>=B3Interesting Results=B2 celebrates the individual. Do-It-Yourself has always
>been with us. Before assembly lines, clocks and shoes were made by artisans=
>one at a time. Ambitious amateur musicians have made and released records
>independently since the advent of 78 rpm discs. However, in the 1970s, with
>the emergence of the consumer cassette revolution, DIY became a
>philosophical phenomenon. Since that decade, as technology developed and th=
>cost of studio gear plummeted, the playing field for recording artists has
>levelled. What once entailed a lengthy, complex and expensive process can
>now be done on the quick and cheap, and, often, in solitude. This doesn't
>mean all bedsitter recordings will get heard - but they exist. We just have
>to find them - and find time to listen.
>The CD-publication features exclusive tracks from Peter Grudzien, =B3Shooby=B2
>Taylor =8CThe Human Horn=B9, Lucia Pamela, B.J. Snowden, R. Stevie
>Moore, Ariel
>Pink, Harry Merry and other extraordinary artists. In keeping with the DIY
>aesthetic of the publication the booklet includes special =8Ccut out and
>assemble=B9 figures of the artists as well as detailed track notes by the
>=B3Interesting Results=B2 is available now from Sonic Arts Network
>for =A315 or,
>for greater value, we recommend becoming a member of Sonic Arts Network and
>receiving this publication and the next two in the series over the next 12

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