naw toronto record release party 10/19/04

Subject: naw toronto record release party 10/19/04
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 09:25:20 EST


NOVEMBER 19 2004

naw (Montreal, Noise Factory Records)
LIVE P.A. + RELEASE PARTY for Green Nights Orange Days

Montreal's Neil Wiernik (a.k.a. naw) has been an instrumental force in
the Canadian electronic, techno, experimental and ambient music scene for
the past 10 years. Known to push the boundaries of his musical form, naw
has released on labels including Noise Factory, Complot, Clevermusic,
Piehead, and A/S Systems. With the new Green Nights Orange Days, naw has
come into his own sound, blending dub-tech rhythms with gorgeous
abstractions and heavy-hitting beats. Here, he crafts a special, steadily
building live P.A., aimed at our hearts, brains and bodies.
Expect to be moved.

Live P.A. begins at 11:30pm.


Andy Poolhall
489 College Street

resident DJs
DENISE BENSON savour. CKLN `Mental Chatter'
+ ANDREW ALLSGOOD fascination. CKLN 'Bruckbeat Radio'

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