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Subject: Re: multi-channel list/problems
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Sun Nov 14 2004 - 19:50:32 EST

As EuCuE produces more than 15 multi-speaker concerts per year (more
than 250 in 15 years), we have worked on part of this problem by
telling the audience to sit in the center block of seats.

Concerts are 'introduced' by an M-C who explains that the concert
hall is part of the ea 'instrument', and while it may appear to have
550 seats, in fact it is a 90 seat hall. There are pictures around on
the Concordia site somewhere.

We have asked Greg Eustace to assist in getting some more technical
specs on the EuCuE situation, as it has a stability (and
documentation) that few other concert series have had the opportunity
to experience. A couple of years ago an acoustician did extensive
measurements on the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall in collaboration with
Mark Corwin and this documentation is available somewhere.

Regarding "hasty retreat", while admission to EuCuE concerts is free,
premature egress costs!



At 2:14 PM -0800 11/13/04, Richard Zvonar wrote:
>On a tangential note, a major factor that contributes to this
>problem is the tendency for many audience members to sit along the
>periphery (often right next to a speaker). I've observed this
>repeatedly in both 2-channel and surround sound concerts here in
>California. I'm sure this behaviro is less evident in places where
>multichannel sound is more common. Around here I suspect it has
>something to do with new music neophytes who want to be near an
>aisle so they can beat a hasty retreat if the music gets too
>Richard Zvonar, PhD
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