Re: multi-channel list/problems

Subject: Re: multi-channel list/problems
From: David Mooney (
Date: Sun Nov 14 2004 - 09:54:32 EST

Richard Zvonar wrote:
> On a tangential note, a major factor that contributes to this problem
> is the tendency for many audience members to sit along the periphery
> (often right next to a speaker). I've observed this repeatedly in
> both 2-channel and surround sound concerts here in California. I'm
> sure this behaviro is less evident in places where multichannel sound
> is more common. Around here I suspect it has something to do with new
> music neophytes who want to be near an aisle so they can beat a hasty
> retreat if the music gets too difficult.
> --

The sweet spot is often occupied by the folks running the
sound board. Arrive early and sit right behind them.

Part of the difficulty may be in how the music is composed.
Panning, which relies on relative volume levels among
speakers, is fine if you're in the sweet spot but otherwise
the proximity effect takes over to varying degrees. Breaking
up the sound in some way and having different components
coming from different speakers can give you a lot of the
same localization/movement of the sound while minimizing the
proximity effect.

David Mooney

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