Re: multi-channel list/problems

Subject: Re: multi-channel list/problems
From: Richard Zvonar (
Date: Sat Nov 13 2004 - 17:14:36 EST

At 3:49 PM -0500 11/13/04, Greg Eustace wrote:
>I've heard that there is a list for discussing multi-channel sound. Other than
>that, I have no details. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Here's one:

>I also have a question. In multi-channel situations, there is the problem of
>the sweet spot being smaller than the seating area.

On a tangential note, a major factor that contributes to this problem
is the tendency for many audience members to sit along the periphery
(often right next to a speaker). I've observed this repeatedly in
both 2-channel and surround sound concerts here in California. I'm
sure this behaviro is less evident in places where multichannel sound
is more common. Around here I suspect it has something to do with new
music neophytes who want to be near an aisle so they can beat a hasty
retreat if the music gets too difficult.


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