Teabox is Shipping

Subject: Teabox is Shipping
From: Timothy Place (tim@electrotap.com)
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 11:29:50 EST


Kansas City, MO • 10 November 2004 – Electrotap L.L.C. is now shipping
the Teabox, a new high-speed sensor data acquisition device. The
interface offers the highest performance and ease of use available in a
small sensor interface for artists and musicians.

The Teabox works by digitizing up to 24 sensor inputs (8 continuous
inputs with 12-bit resolution and 16 digital on/off inputs) and
transmits them to a computer over a digital audio (S/PDIF) cable. The
sensor data is then decoded using an open-source software decoder
published by Electrotap. Transmitting the sensor data over an audio
line offers maximum speed, extremely low latency, and extraordinary

The Teabox also offers the most connectivity and compatibility
available in a sensor interface. The Teabox accepts sensors made by
Electrotap as well as sensors made for the I-Cube, Toaster, and other
systems. Sensors may be connected via XLR, 1/4” TRS, 3-pin terminal
header, or RJ6 (telephone) jacks. The Teabox documentation and online
tutorials provide extensive information on building your own custom

The Teabox excels at controlling audio, video, and artistic software
with new and unusual controllers. This includes applications in
interactive installations, dance, theater, audio-visual composition and
performance, music therapy, music education, and research. The Teabox
ships with both Macintosh and Windows decoder objects for Cycling ‘74’s
Max/MSP environment as well as standalone bridge applications for
sending the data as MIDI or OpenSoundControl to other programs or

The Teabox is available at an introductory price of $350 and is now
shipping. The full price, which will go into effect January 15, will be
$425. Additional information is available through Electrotap’s website
at www.electrotap.com.

Electrotap L.L.C. is a software and hardware partnership based in
Kansas City, Missouri that develops and distributes innovative music
and the tools to create it. Other products include audio cables,
sensors and sensor accessories, Tap.Tools – a popular set of extensions
for Cycling’74’s Max, and Jade – an easy to use interactive performance

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