New York, New Work

Subject: New York, New Work
From: John Kamevaar (
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 16:41:28 EST

At the Museum of Modern Art:

                           Triage. 2004. Canada. Directed by Michael
Snow, Carl Brown. Music by John Kamevaar. The
                           result of a kind of “Exquisite
Corpse,” Triage is a double-projection film.
                           Snow’s single-image frames—a
                           “realism”—interact with
footage shot by Brown that has been subjected
                           to a wide range of photochemical
transformations. These simultaneous projections are
                           doubly counterpointed with an electronic
collage soundscape. 30 min.
                           Monday, November 22, 6:30. T2

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