Subject: CHARMED SOUNDS - YLE Radio 1
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Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 02:20:35 EST

CHARMED SOUNDS [Lumottuja ääniä]
Editor: Petri Kuljuntausta

Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE Radio 1 channel
Tuesday, November 9, 2004, 22:05 -

Theme: Human voice


Phill Niblock
        AYU (aka "as yet untitled")
        Voice: Thomas Buckner
        CD: Phill Niblock: Touch Works
        Touch TO: 49

Kurt Schwitters
        Ursonata (1922)
        Voice: Kurt Schwitters (rec. 1932)
        CD: V/A: Futurism & Dada Reviewed
        Sub Rosa, SUB CD 012-19

Stephan van Heune
        Extended Schwitters
        Voice: synthetic voice
        CD: V/A: Sonic Boom CD1 / Hayward Gallery,
        produced by The South Bank Centre

Luciano Berio
        Thema (Omaggio a Joyce, 1958)
        Voice: Cathy Berberian
        CD: V/A: Musica Electroacustica 1955-1993
        Zona Franca de Manaus 199.001.115

James Tenney
        Collage #1 ("Blue Suede", 1961)
        Voice: Elvis Presley
        CD: James Tenney: Selected Works 1961-1969
        Artifact Recordings FP-001 / ART-1007

The Hafler Trio
        Suppressed Noise
        CD: The Hafler Trio: "Bang" - An Open Letter
        Touch / The Grey Area of Mute Records, KUT-1.

Christian Calon & Chantal Dumas
        The Little Man in the Ear
        Voice: Mike Krutko
        CD: Christian Calon & Chantal Dumas: Radio Roadmovies
        326 music 006-007

Yuko Nexus6
        Journal de Tokyo
        Voice: Linguaphone records, radio announcements...
        CD: Yuko Nexus6: Journal de Tokyo
        Sonore Records SON-18, 2002 France [Japan]

Masami Akita [Merzbow]
        The Prosperity of Vice. The Misfortune of Virtue
        Voice: Eddie Cochran ("Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie")
        CD: Masami Akita: The Prosperity of Vice. The Misfortune of Virtue
        I records / Che IRE-2022

Maja Ratkje
        Voice: Maja Ratkje
        CD: Maja Ratkje: Voice
        Rune Grammofon RCD-2028

        Finnish language in the year zero
        Voice: Jaakko Sivula - Jorma Rekunen
        CD: Heureka 1987
        Heureka Heurecd-1

Juha Valkeapää
        After Midnight Massage
        Voice: Juha Valkeapää
        CD: V/A: Sonic Eye
        Hiap, YLE,, 2000


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