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Subject: Re: marbles
From: Peter Batchelor (
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 10:19:21 EST

Yes, 30 independent channels. I had to contrive a 30-channel sequencer
in max/msp (sfplay~ permits up to 32-channel interleaved files, rather
obligingly and (as I recall) contrary to the 16ch specified in the
manual) which allowed me to play five concurrent 30-channel files (tho'
my machine (TiBook 1GHz) could only cope with three); which in turn
allowed me to compose (acousmatically) for the 6x5 grid of loudspeakers
(quite nice, spatially). Played through an 828mii, an 828, an ADAT and
a minidisk (I'm thinking of reducing to 24-channel which could be
accommodated by an hd recorder and save lots of faffing about with
interfaces and stuff). Speakers: 6xPhilips 5.1 flat-panel satellites
(conveniently light; attached to strawberry netting with stem-ties). I
was only interested in material above c.150Hz, as that's where the
space is, so hid the subs in another room.



On 8 Nov 2004, at 13:49, Kevin Austin wrote:

> Very interesting. Is that 30 individual channels? Played back with?
> Best
> Kevin
> At 1:08 PM +0000 11/8/04, Peter Batchelor wrote:
>> Hi Erdem
>> I used marbles in my Studies on Canvas piece earlier this year
>> (rolling down the canvas) but being a 30 channel piece that won't be
>> of much use to you. I'd recommend Tom Cahill Jones's _BounceEye_,
>> tho', which uses predominantly (perhaps exclusively) marble-based
>> material. His email:
>> Best wishes,
>> pete.

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