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Subject: Re: Languages and Timbre
From: Mathieu Marcoux (
Date: Sun Nov 07 2004 - 15:19:21 EST

Try linguistics they know lot's more about that! (Check for phonetic!!)


 --- Jason Smalridge <> a écrit :
> Hello,
> I would like some help settling a discussion about timbre in a voice
> made from different languages. I believe that the voice is created
> by
> lungs, vocal cords, tongue, teeth, lips... and that each language has
> a
> distinct way of using these parts to create the timbre of their
> language. I thought that this was one reason why if a person who's
> mother tongue is English began to learn Japanese, his accent would be
> noticeable until he learned how to create the specific timbre to
> speak
> the language.
> I know that timbre is sort of hard to define, but I guess what I am
> asking is: Can a person who speaks two languages perfectly(without a
> trace of accent) actually be defined as a person who speaks with two
> different timbres? Is there more at play then just the way the lips
> and tongue form the different words from different languages? Do the
> vocal chords actually change the (I think their called) formants to
> achieve different languages?
> Blah blah blah....
> Thanks
> Jay

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