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Subject: Live Algorithms for Music
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Date: Sun Nov 07 2004 - 07:04:19 EST

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Call for Participation
Live Algorithms for Music research network

LAM is a new EPSRC funded Culture and Creativity research
network. We are establishing a community of performers,
composers, engineers and scientists whose aim is the development
of artificial, but autonomous, musical collaborators.

LAM believes that such a machine, able to interact creatively
with musicians in real-time, and in any context, will have
fascinating artistic potential, and could form the basis of the
next generation of computer music applications.

Some research topics that have been outlined are:
Novel patterning algorithms from non-musical fields (e.g.
evolutionary computation, a-life, swarm intelligence, chaos,
dynamic networks, cellular automata, neural networks and machine
Real-time music informatics,
Models of creative interactivity and improvisation,
Musician-computer interfaces and performativity.

Membership already includes prominent musicians and
representatives from many of the above fields.

New members/institutions are welcome to join and participate in
our activities.

First Meeting
13th-14th Dec 2004, Goldsmiths College, London UK
Programme: MARCEL mediated panel with US computer music
luminaries, presentations on current research projects from LAM
members, inter-disciplinary forum, practitioners’ experience of
computer music, composers’ forum…

First Concert
14th Dec 2004, 19.30hrs, Recital Room, Goldsmiths College,
London UK
**An evening of improvisations with humans and their machines**
Featuring John Bowers, Neil Hyde, Jonathon Impett, Sebastian
Lexer, Eduardo Miranda, Chris Redgate, Roger Redgate, John
Tilbury, Michael Young, The Swarm Granulator and many others.

LAM website:



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