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Subject: Re:Sympathetic Re:actually...Kerry won
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Date: Sat Nov 06 2004 - 15:06:09 EST

Also,there's been a cynical use of 'religiosity' by the neo-cons
written about as far back as 1976 by Daniel Bell. They were looking
for a way to limit libertinism and re-establish the ethic of
discipline and work and were looking for a norm that would stop the
levelling caused by the * social welfare state so that the virtues
(ha!) of individual competition for achievement could again dominate.
They believed a religious faith tied to a faith in tradition was the
way to achieve their goal.

*see Bush's move towards privatization of Social Security.

At 9:55 PM +0000 11/4/04, Richard Wentk wrote:

>At 16:04 04/11/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>><soapBox>For more along these lines, perhaps less
>>optimistically, see Thomas Frank's new book, What's the
>>Matter with Kansas? His premiss is that the Republicans have
>>successfully shifted emphasis away from issues that
>>governments rightly deal with (economics, foreign policy)
>>onto the "culture wars" (Christ in piss, gay marriage, etc.)
>>that government's have no business messing with.
>Oh yes. Absolutely.
>The real tragedy here is that there's no intellectual comeback or
>leadership, even waiting in the wings. While culture theory has been
>congratulating itself for being everso clever over the last couple
>of decades, it's completely impotent against this kind of attack.
>You can deconstruct texts as much as you want, but when a nutter
>with a pamphlet about banning gay marriage turns up on your
>doorstep, what are you going to do? Tell them to read Derrida?
>>So the 51% votes for those issues and meanwhile the US economy is
>>gutted for the benefit of CEOs.
>That's about it, yes. It's a work of evil genius.

At 1:19 PM -0500 11/6/04, Marc Couroux wrote:

>From the man who blew the (real) 2000 election scandal wide open, Greg Palast:

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