Re: sound and vision at Newcastle UK side cinema

Subject: Re: sound and vision at Newcastle UK side cinema
From: Coryn Smethurst (
Date: Sat Nov 06 2004 - 12:05:44 EST


Thurs 18 November 7.30pm

Northern, UK, and Scottish Artists responses to cinematic space and their
investigation of film and video. Experimental films exploring a host of
themes including context, narrative, time, fusion, animation and humour.
Artists include: Mat Fleming, Christo Wallers, Ilana Mitchell, Christopher
Rollen, John Butler, Michael Hope, Blake Quentin & Coryn Smethurst. Curated
by the Artist NewRomanticFuture. In association with CODEC/X

(90 min approx.)
More details at the side cinema website

Films to include

Blake Quentin & Coryn Smethurst –Symbolic exchange and death
Carl Turton – Object/sound/movement
Paul Cordwell + Loopaznavour – Ugly Little Ornaments
Jacob and Daniel Cartwright – The Heap
Joe Delvin – Dictaphone

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