Fwd: IMAA/AAMI seeks National Director

Subject: Fwd: IMAA/AAMI seeks National Director
From: Yves Gigon (ygigon@videotron.ca)
Date: Fri Nov 05 2004 - 15:47:29 EST

>Wanted: One self-motivated individual to work in
>a non-profit national media arts service
>organisation; coordinating, facilitating and
>maintaining all aspects of IMAA/AAMI's financial
>and national advocacy activities. The successful
>candidate will have experience working
>within a non-profit arts environment and a
>comprehensive knowledge of the media arts in
>Canada. You have a proven record of
>accomplishment in grant writing and a
>understanding of arts funding in Canada. You are
>bilingual in French and English, and
>possess exceptional communications skills
>(written and oral) and project management
>experience. You understand the importance of
>responding to the needs of the media arts
>community and developing new links and
>partnerships. Strong organizational abilities are
>THE INDEPENDENT MEDIA ARTS ALLIANCE is a national network of independent
>film, video and electronic media producers,
>distributors and exhibitors from all parts of
>Canada and it works to promote the improvement
>of means and access for independents
>at every stage of funding, production,
>distribution and exhibition. IMAA currently has
>artist-run member-centres and coops, thus
>representing more than 12,000 artists and
>cultural workers.
>IMAA's aims are
>- COMMUNICATIONS: to provide a forum of communication and discussion among
>independent media arts groups,
>- COMMUNITY: to provide opportunities for
>developing links between all cultural
>elements of the Alliance,
>- ADVOCACY: to represent independent media arts in front of agencies from the
>government and private sector.
>For more Information on the Alliance please go to http://www.imaa.ca
>To apply, please submit a cover letter, CV and an example of your writing by
>mail only (no fax or email applications will be accepted) to the IMAA/AAMI
>offices at 3995 Rue Berri, Montreal, QC H2L4H2 Canada, no later than January
>14th, 2005.
>The Alliance is an equal opportunity employer
>and is firmly committed to actively assuring
>full participation in the organization and in
>access to its resources to all people,
>regardless of
>gender, race, language, sexual orientation, age
>or ability. This commitment will be reflected
>throughout the organization in Alliance
>personnel, policies, practices, membership
>recruitment, recruitment of the Board of
>Directors, committees and positions of
>in the organization and in all other activities of the organization.
>Only short listed candidates will be contacted. No phone calls please.
>Reporting to the Board of Directors, the
>National Director is responsible for the
>operational, and financial affairs of the Independent Media Arts Alliance:
>- Develop and implement advocacy initiatives with the Board of Directors
>- Develop short and long-term objectives and goals.
>- Develop special projects, in collaboration
>with Board, staff, and membership.
>- Encourage participation and development of
>committees among the Board and membership.
>- Develop partnerships within the Media Arts
>community (private and public sectors).
>- Be responsible for the management of financial operations of the society.
>- Prepare all operations grants to funding agencies.
>- Develop and implement fund-raising campaigns.
>This includes collaboration with staff and
>Board on initiatives to raise revenue from the non-art sector.
>- Supervise staff members and make
>recommendations for hiring and compensating
>staff. The
>Board will have final approval over hiring and compensation.
>- Oversee negotiation of all agreements,
>contracts and purchases. This may be done in
>collaboration with other staff and their respective areas.
>- Ensure maintenance and security of facilities.
>- Prepare annual budgets; maintain all essential
>record keeping and databases; ensure reports
>to all funding agencies submitted; ensure annual audit is conducted.
>- Tracking all staff's hours, overtime, holidays etc.
>- Ensure a successful National Conference occurs each year.
>- Manage three board meetings per year
>- Develop and implement pubic relations and
>promotional campaigns. Be responsible for
>overseeing all publicity and collaborating with
>staff on related press. The National Director is
>the official spokesperson for the society,
>unless directed otherwise by the Board.
>- Encourage a proactive and positive environment
>for all members, staff and public.
>- Promote communication among membership, staff and Board.
>- Ensure adherence to by-laws; make
>recommendations to Board for developing and
>implementing by-laws and policies.
>- Any other related tasks and duties that are required.
>* * * *
>katherine jerkovic
>Independent Media Arts
>des arts médiatiques indépendants
>3995 rue Berri, Montréal QC H2L 4H2
>(514) 522-8240
>The Alliance greatfully acknowledges the
>financial support of the Canada Council for the
>Arts, the department of Canadian Heritage, the
>NFB and the members./L'Alliance remercie le
>soutien financier du Conseil des arts du Canada,
>de Patrimoine canadien, de l'ONF et des membres.

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