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Subject: RE: Sympathetic
From: Eldad Tsabary (
Date: Thu Nov 04 2004 - 08:59:01 EST

Miriam Clinton wrote:

"now thats something i agree with - the three things best not to discuss

are politics, religion and um.... i forget the other....

was it the definition of 'acousmatic music' ;P"

I believe the third might have been not to discuss whether or not to
discuss politics.

Yes, politics is a subtle issue, no doubt. Nonetheless, I trust that
most artists on this discussion group are open-minded enough to hear
whatever others feel like saying, and are intelligent enough to take it
for what it is - somebody's opinion, feelings, ideas, thoughts, etc.

John Young wrote:

"Surely political matters can have a huge effect on people's working and
artistic lives? I think it's useful for people to seriously discuss the
ramifications of political decisions and processes on artistic

I agree that what's happening in the world is significantly important
for artistic endeavors. Art is not an outer-space form of expression as
some might think. It has to do with who, where and when we are and a
lot to do with our thoughts, emotions, frustrations, beliefs, etc., and
politics is, no doubt, a central issue in most people's lives (whether
they like it or not).

Some of us may feel the outcome of this elections is simply unbelievable
(what did Michael moore and company work so hard for the past few years
for? Or even - how can so many people not see the simple truth!? How can
they be so self-defeating?). But we'd better believe it - it is
reality. We must accept what is. Not point a blaming finger at the
other (wrong) side and try to collect some approvals and reinforcement
from people who think like us. That is quite useless.

Ned's right though - we cannot assume that all who read this is on "our"
side. We simply don't know that and we cannot assume such things - that
would be too conceited.

Nonetheless, condolences should be sent to the losers. You worked hard
all season and now you lost the finals with a three pointer at the
buzzer - that must be painful. And yes... we (the rest of the world)
are probably going to get the rough end of it as well. What to do?!
Maybe suppress like I do (for now).

And for the winners: congrat! Bastards. Don't know how you did it but
you won. A win is a win is a win...

We respect your right to be wrong

Eldad Tsabary

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