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Date: Thu Nov 04 2004 - 02:08:14 EST

>A shame that non-Americans can't (don't?) campaign in the U.S.
>elections for whom they'd choose. I wonder if anyone at home would

a group of italian artists held "The first American elections for

In a medieval village perched on a hill in the Italian region of
Tuscany, a group of writers, artists and professors are organizing
their own mock U.S. elections, to be held Oct. 31.

..."Why shouldn't the Italians vote for the elections, too?" "The
planet's destiny is decided in large part by America," he said.

also from the article...

Choi Dae-hoon -- part of a Web-based anti-Bush campaign in South
Korea -- said his group has been asking South Koreans to write to
relatives in the United States urging them not to vote for Bush.
"Elect a madman, you get madness," says their Web site.

A four-week Internet poll by Malaysiakini, the best-known independent
news Web site in Malaysia, resulted in 60.59 percent of the 7,991
votes for Kerry, 27.69 for Bush and 11.71 for independent Ralph Nader.

Eric Ossemig, 38, an former Army soldier from Flagstaff, Ariz., who
has lived in the Southeast Asian country for 14 years, had promised
to cast his real-life ballot according to the outcome.

"It will be my honor to vote on your behalf," he said.


if every country in the world was given 1 electoral vote which was decided by 1000 votes distributed randomly but evenly across the entire socio-economic fabric of the country... excluding, of course, the countries' heads of state...


a bit of tragic irony to finish up for the night: a man was executed in texas on election night.


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